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The Cutest Little hedgehog in the World

Focus on the photographic series Shota Tsukamoto with his hedgehog elected the world’s cutest. Based in Japan, she staged an original and fun way her adorable hedgehog 3 years old.

this hedgehog is more photogenic then most people.


this is so fucking cute

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walk into the club like

walk into the club like

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 ”no u arent doing it right let me demonstrate”

Johnny depp teaching other johnny depps so they can rule the world in his absence

The mother Depp teaches it’s Depplings how to behave in the wild. 


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This is exactly what the Korean governments are doing right now

This is exactly what the Korean governments are doing right now

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Put me in charge of designing the captain’s prison for the Sewol ferry incident. It will be full of ice water up to his nose that he has to tip toe to breathe. If he ever fall asleep then too bad for him. But if he is about to die, take him out, let him live then put him back in. Someone like him shouldn’t be allowed to even die.

He was freaking drying his money in the hospital when because of him, so many of them are dying

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Maybe if I come back from my shower, I’ll see the headline”Live students spotted from the window”

Maybe if I come back after doing my homework, I’ll see the headline “Waters have calmed down, perfect conditions for rescue work”

Maybe if I sleep now, tomorrow I’ll wake up to headlines like “Everyone found alive without critical injury”

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Anonymous asked: And for the lights thing, Korea is a collectivistic country. Meaning that they will do things as a group. It's almost common sense that setting up the lights is the first thing they should do, but in a collectivistic society, people do things as a group. And you can't just set up lights wherever you want. You have to set it in certain places, and calculate how many, it's not as simple as you think. They don't want to make any more mistakes.

That is a factor to why it was delayed but there are other delaying not because of the calculations but because the time taken to pass down the approval takes wayy too long. Also, they didn’t allow local divers to go in. It is because it is dangerous, we know, but they are willing to risk it for the chances of a miracle.. thanks for sharing tho

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Anonymous asked: I was disappointed at the fact that they lied too. But note that the lie that they told was on MBC news. MBC has been known to make small mistakes that has led to false information. So there is a chance that it could just be a mistake, in this case, a very big mistake. And this has happened multiple times, even before the crash of the ferry. KBS and SBS I believe, told that there were people still inside the boat, with the number undetermined at first.

It’s too big a mistake to make. For other cable lines, they are under the pressure of the government to feed us false information to calm us down. But what the citizens want is the truth not a white lie. But thank you for letting me know it was MBC who made the mistake:)

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omgf the intro tho HAHAHHAHAH i love danny
my bias in 1tym. 

(this is different than the previous one. this one is 23 min) 
up by Mnet America·

DFLA - High Kicks with Teen Top

Wow that drawing skills

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Government you bloody liars. You can trust NOTHING on the Korean news. According to parents of the children on the ferry who visited the site of rescue, government has been LYING ALL ALONG. 89 Rescue ships?? 500 divers?? What bullshit is that. The parents who visited the site saw merely a dozen ships.

What angers me the most now is that on the first day, they lied that all of them has been rescued well. Due to that lie, no one did anything about it. No one bothered to go and rescue since” They were all successfully rescued”. IF THEY DIDNT LIE, ALL OF THEM COULD HAVE BEEN RESCUED. The weather for the first day was PERFECT FOR RESCUE WORK.


I swear, if any of the government’s daughter or son were on that ferry, they would have rescued everyone already. Just because they are not related to you, doesn’t mean it’s not your problem. Some more, some of them visited the site with hell lot of body guards to “pay respect to the family”. Bullshit. You just want votes for the next election. Your cars are blocking the way for the ambulance to move you idiots. You sell that car away, you will have enough money to get a clean set of clothes for every tired family members there.

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Anonymous asked: I'm going to unfollow you because you're only posting about the tragedy with the ferry. we all know that nobody actually cares about what is currently happening in korea. nobody here on tumblr and I'm so pissed because everyone is like ''I need to pretend that I care about this'' but we all know it's not like this. I'm also pissed because EVERYTHING IS CANCELLED. BTS IS MY FAVORITE GROUP AND THEY AREN'T EVEN UPDATING ANYMORE.



Bye bye~ I don’t need ignorant followers.

I am posting about the tragedy in Korea because I want my followers to see what is happening in Korea, to see the loyalty of one country in situations like this, to make them pray for the families and the victims, to honor the ones who gave up their life for the others.

Yes, anon you’re right.
A lot of people really doesn’t care about this and that’s actually sad. But most of what you see here on tumblr isn’t acted. 

And don’t tell me ”Korea makes a big deal of something like this” and ”the world doesn’t stop turning”.
THIS is the cultural difference between Korean fans and international fans.
A lot of International fans doesn’t know how it is when a whole country cries because of a tragedy that is happening there. most of this fans live in a country where everything continues when something like this happens. They aren’t used to this. 
They think ”Why do the Koreans care about this that much?”
That’s called ”respect”
But Korean fans aren’t complaining…They collect money and buy hot packs, hot drinks and food for the people who are waiting for their loved ones.  

Parents are crying because their child might suffer right now or in the worst case they are dead.
Some of the students might be fans of the Idol groups. How can they continue promoting knowing one of their fans might be one of the students/victims that are still missing?
Do you even know the pain of loosing a family member, a friend or someone you looked up to?
If yes, then you should show a bit respect to this families.

It was the right thing to cancel the music shows and the schedules of the Idols.
Some countries and people should really take Korea as an example for respect. 

To add to this, all the comebacks and TV shows air in Korea and are watched predominantly by Koreans - why would groups and dramas continue airing if Koreans (their target audience) aren’t going to watch because they’re suffering?!! Also, idols themselves are affected. Jonghyun said that he knows 8 people on that ferry and cried during Blue Night. There are more Korean celebrities related to the victims in some way. No one wants to laugh when watching a drama or clap for musicians when their friends and family members are stuck in a sinking ship - most of which are students. No one is forcing you to pray or cry (I myself aren’t praying or crying) but everyone is ought to show respect by spreading those messages/updates and supporting Korea’s decision.

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100% are really talented & handsome. I can see a bright future for them.


100% are really talented & handsome. I can see a bright future for them.

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So, real talk for a second guys

If you ever accidentally call 911, DON’T HANG UP.  Stay on the line and tell the calltaker that you accidentally dialed.  When you hang up, we either have to call you back or send out police which takes up valuable resources and wastes money.  A simple “It was an accident” is all we need and everyone goes about their life much better

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Such bullshit. What other country’s media is saying about Korea’s ferry incident is utter bullshit. What do u mean Korea did enough for their rescue effort. Two rescue departments were freaking arguing that they didn’t want to go. MBC were calculating how much money the insurance company had to pay for every death rather than looking at the survival rate and remaining hopeful. And the fucking captain told them to stay where they were because most of the emergency boats were faulty and they wanted to live. What the fuck is wrong with Korea

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May you all come out safely. Your parents and friends are waiting for you, please don’t lose hope on yourself. And that wretched captain, leaving the passengers and running off by himself!! Didn’t even tell them where the life jackets are.